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10 Best Men’s Hiking Boots for 2024 Durable Comfortable and Trail-Ready

by Chase Whartnaby
top rated hiking boots for men

Nearly 50 million Americans go hiking each year, and we understand that each one deserves a boot that can keep pace with their adventures.

As we approach 2024, we’ve meticulously tested and reviewed the latest men’s hiking footwear, focusing on durability, comfort, and trail readiness.

We’ve narrowed the overwhelming array of options to the top 10 boots that stand out for their superior construction, innovative materials, and ergonomic design.

While we’re excited to share our findings, we also recognize that the perfect boot varies for each hiker, depending on their unique needs and the nature of their treks.

So, whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a weekend warrior, join us as we explore the nuances of these trail champions and find out which pair might elevate your next outdoor excursion.

Key Takeaways

  • Hiking boots should provide immediate comfort without requiring a break-in period and offer a snug fit with adequate toe wiggle room.
  • Look for hiking boots with waterproofing and breathability features to keep your feet dry and comfortable in various environments.
  • Traction and stability are crucial, so choose boots with excellent traction, supportive midsoles, and well-designed lugs and treads for different terrains.
  • Durability and build quality are essential, so opt for boots with durable construction, strong stitching, and advanced outsoles for longevity.

NORTIV 8 Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots (Ankle High, Lightweight)

waterproof hiking boots for men

The NORTIV 8 Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots are designed to provide immediate comfort and support for outdoor enthusiasts. They are lightweight and reliable, without the inconvenience of a break-in period. These ankle-high boots fit right out of the box, offering an impressive comfort level. They have ample toe room and good cushioning.

Although the boots are touted as waterproof, actual user experiences suggest otherwise. They quickly absorb water and fail to live up to this claim. Despite attempts at aftermarket waterproofing, the boots don’t perform well in wet conditions.

However, they are considered good value for money. They provide satisfactory support and traction, especially for non-extreme activities such as walking and dog walking. Durability over time remains a concern, but for their price point, they’re a practical option for casual use.

Best For: Casual outdoor activities like non-extreme walking and dog-walking where comfort and immediate fit are valued over waterproof properties.


  • Immediate comfort with no break-in period required
  • Lightweight design with good support and traction
  • Excellent value for the price, especially for casual use


  • Not genuinely waterproof or water-resistant as advertised

NORTIV 8 Waterproof Men’s Hiking Boots

waterproof hiking boots for men

For adventurers seeking comfort and durability on a budget, the NORTIV 8 Waterproof Men’s Hiking Boots emerge as an excellent choice, offering high-quality features at a fraction of the expected cost. Boasting a squishy sole that provides comfortable support for standing and walking, these boots are noted for their outstanding tread with large lugs, ensuring maximum grip on rugged terrain. They’re impressively warm, making cold feet a concern of the past, and including an extra pair of laces adds to their value.

However, the boots’ size may pose a challenge for activities like driving and could be overly warm in hot climates. Durability issues such as sole wear and stitching problems and discomfort due to odd pressure points have been reported. Despite these limitations, the boots’ wide fit and true-to-size comfort make them suitable for all-day wear, especially given their high water resistance and suitability for varied environments. Customer feedback reflects satisfaction with the boots’ performance, aesthetics, and value despite occasional customer service shortfalls.

Overall, the NORTIV 8 Waterproof Men’s Hiking Boots stand out as a solid and cost-effective option for urban and nature trek excursions.

Best For: Budget-conscious adventurers who need warm, comfortable, waterproof boots for occasional hiking or daily walking.


  • Excellent traction with large lugs for rugged terrain
  • Highly water-resistant and suitable for various environments
  • Superior warmth and an additional pair of laces for added value


  • The bulky design may hinder driving and be too warm for hot climates

Columbia Mens Newton Ridge Plus Ii Suede Waterproof Hiking Boot

waterproof hiking boot for men

Emphasizing expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials, the Columbia Mens Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Waterproof Hiking Boot is ideal for avid hikers seeking a fusion of durability and comfort. This boot features a suede and leather waterproof exterior, ensuring feet stay dry in wet conditions. The advanced high-traction outsole provides a secure grip across various terrains, while the lightweight midsole offers superior cushioning for long treks.

Customer reviews praise the boots for their immediate comfort, negating the need for a breaking-in period, and their true-to-size fit, including a comprehensive fit option. The shoes have also been recognized for their ability to withstand extensive use, with one customer noting their durability after 12 hours of hiking. Additionally, the shoes offer good ankle support and sturdy tread, making them suitable for diverse outdoor activities, from hiking to shore fishing. The boots are available in multiple colors and sizes, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs, and are considered a good value for their quality and price point.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts who need reliable, comfortable, and waterproof footwear for hiking and various rugged activities.


  • Immediate comfort with no break-in period required
  • True-to-size fit with a comprehensive fit option available
  • Durable construction paired with a high-traction outsole for varied terrains


  • Exterior suede can show scuffs and stains over time

Timberland Mens White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

waterproof hiking boot for men

Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable waterproof protection will find the Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot an excellent choice for their adventures. Timberland has set a high bar in the industry with its commitment to craftsmanship, durability, and protection. These boots are crafted using sustainable and recycled materials, reflecting the brand’s environmental dedication.

The rugged construction of the White Ledge boot provides stability and support, essential for preventing slips and falls on the trail. Furthermore, the shoes are designed with excellent arch support and cushioning, ensuring comfort during extended hikes. The timeless design adds a stylish touch and contributes to their long-lasting appeal.

Customers have voiced their satisfaction with the fit, comfort, and waterproof capabilities, making these boots a dependable companion for outdoor pursuits.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts needing durable, comfortable, waterproof footwear for hiking and other outdoor activities.


  • Waterproof leather construction ensures feet remain dry in wet conditions.
  • Rugged build with excellent arch support and cushioning provide comfort and stability on rough terrain.
  • Stylish design coupled with sustainable and recycled material use appeals to eco-conscious consumers.


  • It may require additional liners for insulation in snowy conditions.

Merrell Mens Moab 3 Mid-Hiking Boot

durable hiking boot for men

Recognized as the world’s bestselling hiker, the Merrell Mens Moab 3 Mid Hiking Boot offers unparalleled comfort and durability, making it ideal for avid adventurers seeking versatile boots for diverse terrains. Upgraded with a new supportive insole and a cushioned midsole, this iteration boasts a grippier Vibram outsole and partially recycled fabrics—hallmarks of its commitment to performance and sustainability. Lightweight with a reliable fit, these boots ensure solid footing across even sandy trails.

The design focuses on utility and optimal traction rather than mere softness, offering breathability and ventilation that commend them for hot climates and extended wear. While some users have noted concerns with arch support and waterproofing, the consensus underscores the Moab 3’s excellent value. Available in wide sizes and with recommendations for slight sizing adjustments, these boots are celebrated for their immediate comfort and enduring appeal among hikers and professionals alike.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts looking for durable, versatile, and comfortable hiking boots suitable for various terrains and extended wear.


  • Renowned for its comfort and durability, it has a supportive insole and cushioned midsole.
  • Enhanced traction with a grippier Vibram outsole, suitable for diverse hiking conditions.
  • Its breathable design with partially recycled fabrics makes it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious consumers.


  • Some users report issues with arch support, possibly necessitating additional insoles.


Columbia Mens Newton Ridge Plus Wp Hiking Shoe

waterproof hiking shoe for men

Designed with the adventurous woman in mind, the Columbia Mens Newton Ridge Plus WP Hiking Shoe merges high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure waterproof protection and superior traction on challenging terrains. The shoe features a waterproof mesh and leather exterior and an advanced traction outsole, providing a firm grip during various outdoor activities. Its lightweight midsole offers comfort and ample cushioning, making it suitable for extended wear.

Customers have praised the shoe for its comfortable fit, durable construction, and stylish design. It’s noted for maintaining dryness in wet conditions and offering a grippy sole. While some users suggest sizing up for optimal fit, the roomy toe box and snug cushioning are frequently highlighted positives. Despite minor concerns over the upper separating over time, the consensus confirms the Columbia Mens Newton Ridge Plus WP Hiking Shoe as a reliable choice for hikers seeking a balance of comfort, style, and performance.

Best For: Adventurous women who need a durable, waterproof, and comfortable hiking shoe for various outdoor activities.


  • Waterproof construction with a grippy sole ensures dry feet and stable traction.
  • The lightweight midsole provides comfort and cushioning suitable for extended wear.
  • Versatile design that’s well-received for style and functionality in different conditions and activities.


  • Sizing runs small; you may need to order a size up for optimal fit.


Timberland Mens Anti-Fatigue Hiking Waterproof Leather Mt. Maddsen Boot

men s waterproof leather hiking boot

For outdoor enthusiasts seeking durability and comfort, the Timberland Mens Anti-Fatigue Hiking Waterproof Leather Mt. Maddsen Boot stands out as a top contender for the 2024 hiking season, thanks to its premium waterproof leather and anti-fatigue technology.

The boot features a TimberDry™ eco-conscious waterproof membrane and a fully gusseted tongue, offering robust protection against the elements. The removable anti-fatigue footbed, a compression-molded EVA midsole, and a 15% recycled rubber outsole ensure lasting comfort and sustainability.

With a shaft approximately 5 inches from the arch, a heel of about 1.5 inches, and a 1-inch platform, these boots are designed to support and stabilize your feet on rugged terrain. Additionally, backed by the Timberland Limited Warranty, these boots promise reliability, provided a warranty claim is made within 12 months of purchase with proof of purchase.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts require durable, comfortable, waterproof footwear for hiking and extended outdoor activities.


  • It has an eco-conscious TimberDry™ waterproof membrane and anti-fatigue technology for all-day comfort.
  • It is made with premium 100% waterproof leather and a robust 15% recycled rubber outsole for sustainability and longevity.
  • No break-in period I was is needed, providing immediate wearability and convenience.


  • Some users report wear on the sole after several months of use, indicating potential durability issues.


NORTIV 8 Polar Bear Series Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

waterproof hiking boots for men

Outdoor enthusiasts looking for a blend of comfort and durability may find the NORTIV 8 Polar Bear Series Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots an ideal choice. These boots have garnered positive feedback for their stylish design, comfortable fit, and excellent waterproofing – making them suitable for various terrains and weather conditions. The warmth they provide, coupled with excellent ankle support, is particularly appreciated, as is the flared-out sole feature allowing easy removal.

However, there are notable concerns regarding fit and sizing; they run small and require a breaking-in period. Users often recommend purchasing a size-up and wearing long socks to mitigate potential discomfort. While opinions on value for price vary, the boots’ overall performance and unique features have led to a mix of satisfaction and critique, with some users noting they aren’t perfect but still worthy of consideration for their reliability on the trail.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts who need stylish and durable waterproof boots with good ankle support for various terrains and cold weather.


  • Stylish design with a comfortable fit and excellent waterproofing.
  • Warmth for cold weather use and excellent ankle support.
  • Unique flared-out sole for convenience in taking off the boots.


  • Tend to run small with potential sizing issues, advising a size up.


NORTIV 8 Waterproof Men’s Hiking Boots

waterproof hiking boots for men

The NORTIV 8 Waterproof Men’s Hiking Boots offer unparalleled warmth and comfort for hikers facing cold and rugged terrains. Boasting substantial insulation, these boots are designed to keep feet cozy, while the squishy soles with large lugs ensure excellent cushioning and traction.

Including an extra pair of laces adds to the convenience, and despite their plush padding, the boots remain lightweight, enhancing their suitability for long treks. True to size, they provide a snug fit and are praised for their robust construction.

In terms of value, these boots mimic the aesthetics and build quality of more expensive counterparts, offering exceptional worth, exceptionally when discounted. Although some wear and stitching issues might arise over time, their waterproof nature and reliable performance across diverse terrains affirm their longevity for daily wear.

However, potential buyers should note that the roomier fit may require thicker socks for optimal comfort, and there have been isolated reports of discomfort and poor customer service regarding size exchanges.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts seeking a budget-friendly, warm, and comfortable hiking boot for cold and varied terrains.


  • Exceptional insulation and comfort for cold environments.
  • Excellent traction with squishy soles and large lugs.
  • True to size with durable construction and good value for money.


  • It may be too warm for hot climates and cause discomfort.


OL OUTJET LEGEND Mens Waterproof Hiking Boots Lightweight Outdoor Work Boot

waterproof hiking boots for men

Hikers seeking a balance between affordability and performance will find the OL OUTJET LEGEND Mens Waterproof Hiking Boots an optimal choice for their 2024 adventures. These boots are garnering positive reviews for their comfortable fit, which is true to size, and their lightweight yet durable construction. They offer excellent value, matching the quality of more expensive brands while maintaining a more accessible price point.

The boots’ performance on the trail shines with good traction on varied terrain and effective waterproofing for damp conditions. The rugged sole design protects from sharp rocks, enhancing their suitability for long hikes and camping trips. Although they may not have comprehensive sizing options and might require a break-in period due to a stiff sole, for most users, the OL OUTJET LEGEND Mens Hiking Boots stand out as a robust and cost-effective solution for outdoor excursions.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts looking for a cost-effective, dependable hiking boot that balances comfort, durability, and performance.


  • Offers excellent value with quality comparable to higher-priced brands
  • Provides good traction and practical waterproofing suitable for various terrains and conditions
  • Lightweight and comfortable design, ensuring a true-to-size fit for long hikes


  • Limited sizing options, with no wide sizes available


Factors to Consider When Choosing Men’s Hiking Boots

choosing men s hiking boots

When we’re hunting for new men’s hiking boots in 2024, we can’t ignore some vital factors.

We must ensure they fit ideally and offer the right balance between waterproofing and breathability.

It’s also critical that the boots provide excellent traction, stability, and long-lasting durability for our outdoor adventures.

Boot Fit & Sizing

Selecting the right fit in men’s hiking boots is essential, as a pair that’s too snug or loose can lead to discomfort and injury on the trail. We must ensure the size allows for a snug fit without being tight or uncomfortable.

It’s critical to consider the width of the boots, as some brands offer comprehensive options for different foot shapes. Adequate toe wiggle room is a must, particularly for those with wide feet, to avoid blisters during long treks.

We should also remember that boot sizing varies, so reading reviews and potentially ups or downsizing is essential. Thicker socks can be a game-changer, as they adjust the fit and add extra cushioning and support.

Waterproofing & Breathability

As we delve into the essential attributes of men’s hiking boots, waterproofing and breathability emerge as critical factors to ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable on the trail. We’ve found that the best boots balance keeping water out and letting sweat escape. This means looking for materials and construction that offer both.

We recommend checking for specific waterproof technologies and features to handle the wet conditions you’ll likely encounter. At the same time, don’t overlook the importance of breathable materials that prevent moisture buildup from your feet. It’s this combination that’ll keep you trekking longer without discomfort.

Traction & Stability

Navigating diverse trails demands hiking boots with exceptional traction and stability to prevent missteps and injuries. We look for boots featuring deep, multidirectional lugs on the outsole, ensuring a firm grip across various terrains, whether wet or rocky.

It’s crucial to have a supportive midsole and shank for enhanced stability, safeguarding against twisted ankles on uneven paths. When choosing boots, we examine the design and placement of the lugs and treads to confirm they’re up to the task for the specific terrains we’ll face.

We also pay close attention to the construction and materials of the boots, as they must offer the necessary stability and support for longer, more arduous treks.

Comfort & Cushioning

When we’re on the hunt for new hiking boots, the comfort and cushioning they offer can make or break the experience on the trail. Padding, support, and impact absorption are crucial to navigate uneven terrain. It’s not just about a soft step; the boot must align with our feet’s contours, preventing blisters and discomfort over miles of adventure.

We constantly check the fit and sizing, aiming for a true-to-size boot that has enough room without being loose. Insulation and temperature control are also tied to comfort, as our feet must stay warm yet breathe to avoid moisture buildup. Durability comes into play, too, since a well-crafted boot saves us from the discomfort of premature breakdowns. And we don’t overlook value; the price should reflect the quality and features we’re getting.

Durability & Build

While comfort is vital for those long treks, the durability and build of men’s hiking boots are equally critical to ensure they last through every rugged mile. We’ve got to look for boots that are tough as nails, with materials and construction designed to endure the relentless wear and tear of the trails. A solid sole, strong stitching, and a robust overall build are non-negotiable for long-lasting performance.

We’re keen on materials like waterproof leather and advanced outsoles that promise longevity. And we don’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it; we’re scouring user feedback for real-world proof of durability in varied outdoor conditions. It’s all about finding boots that stand the test of time and terrain.

Price & Value

Assessing the price and value of men’s hiking boots requires balancing cost against the blend of features and longevity they offer. We understand that the right pair should withstand the rigors of the trail without breaking the bank. It’s essential to consider the overall quality and durability of the boots and the price point.

We look for boots that deliver good value for money, ensuring they come equipped with waterproofing, comfort, and solid traction. We compare prices and features across various brands to pinpoint the best value for our budget.

Long-term durability and performance are essential; we seek boots that promise a balance of features, performance, and durability at a reasonable price, so we’re investing in miles of adventure rather than just a pair of boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Ensure My Hiking Boots Remain Odor-Free After Extensive Use?

We’ve found that airing out our boots, using odor-neutralizing sprays, and inserting moisture-absorbing inserts are effective ways to keep them smelling fresh after many hikes. Regular cleaning also makes a big difference.

What Are the Most Effective Ways to Break in New Hiking Boots to Avoid Blisters?

We’re thrilled to endure painful blisters, but to avoid them, we’ll wear our new boots around the house and gradually increase walking distances to ensure they’re perfectly molded to our feet.

Can I Use My Regular Running Orthotics in My Hiking Boots, or Do I Need Special Insoles for Hiking?

We’ve found that while you can use your regular running orthotics in hiking boots, investing in specialized insoles designed for hiking may provide better support and comfort on rugged trails.

Are There Any Specific Lacing Techniques to Improve Ankle Support in Hiking Boots?

We’ve discovered that specific lacing techniques, like the heel lock or surgeon’s knot, can significantly enhance ankle support in hiking boots, making our treks safer and more comfortable.

How Do I Properly Store My Hiking Boots to Maintain Their Shape and Functionality Over Time?

We keep our hiking boots in a cool, dry place and stuff them with newspaper to maintain their shape. We also ensure they’re clean and dry before storing them to preserve functionality.

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