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The Best Camping Stoves of 2024

by Chase Whartnaby

In this comprehensive guide, we present the top camping stoves of 2024, carefully evaluated and categorized to assist outdoor enthusiasts in their quest for the perfect cooking appliance.

As camping gains popularity, having a reliable and efficient stove is crucial. Our selection includes the best overall stove, a budget-friendly option, a compact stove, a grill/griddle combo, and a one-burner stove.

With detailed insights into each stove’s performance, features, and benefits, this article aims to help readers make informed purchasing decisions for an enhanced outdoor cooking experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The Camp Chef Everest 2X is the best overall camping stove with intense flames, good performance in windy conditions, and even heat distribution. However, it is slightly heavier and bulkier than desired.
  • The Coleman Cascade Classic Camp Stove is the best budget option with its affordability and durability. However, the regulator control knobs could be better.
  • The Kovea Slim Twin Propane Camp Stove is the best compact camping stove, lightweight, and easy to transport and store. It also has a quick boil time and reasonable simmer control. However, its wind resistance could be improved.
  • The Coleman 3-in-1 Stove is the best grill/griddle option for camping with its versatility and powerful burners. It is also easy to clean and has sturdy construction. However, it is bulky and heavy.

The Best Camping Stoves of 2024

Several options stand out when choosing the best camping stove for your outdoor adventures in 2024.

The Camp Chef Everest 2X offers intense flames, wind resistance, and even heat distribution, although it may be a bit bulkier.

The Coleman Cascade Classic Camp Stove provides durability and ease of use for those on a budget, although the regulator control knobs could be improved.

If compactness is a priority, the Kovea Slim Twin Propane Camp Stove is lightweight, easy to transport, and quick to boil, although wind resistance could be better.

Camp Chef Everest 2X

powerful dual burner stove

The Camp Chef Everest 2X stands out as one of the top choices among camping stoves in 2024 due to its powerful performance and convenient features. With two high-output burners producing 20,000 BTUs, this portable cooking stove offers a spacious 215 square-inch cooking area. The lid doubles as a windscreen, making it wind-resistant and ensuring efficient heat distribution and protection. The stove’s compact design and folding lid make it easy to transport and store. Users have praised the ease of lighting and the ability to turn down the flame for simmering. The stove’s intense fire, built-in wind guard, and fast cooking time have also been commended.

However, some users have mentioned the stove’s bulkiness and weight as a drawback. Despite this, the Camp Chef Everest 2X is highly recommended for its performance and versatility.

Product Specs:

  • High-output two-burner camp stove
  • 20,000 BTU burners
  • 215 Sq In the cooking area
  • Compact design with folding lid
  • Wind-resistant gas stove with included lid


  • Powerful performance
  • Convenient folding lid
  • Wind-resistant design
  • Easy to light and adjust flame


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Higher price compared to other options
  • Some users experienced missing knobs and issues with the surge valve on the cylinder


Coleman Cascade Classic Camp Stove

durable and efficient camping stove

The Coleman Cascade Classic Camp Stove stands out as one of the top choices among camping stoves in 2024 due to its exceptional features and reliable performance.

This portable stove is designed with a built-in carry handle, making it easy to transport to any camping location.

The Even-Temp burners ensure equal heat distribution, allowing for efficient cooking. Two wind guards protect against gusty winds, ensuring a steady flame.

The removable chrome-plated grate makes cleaning a breeze, while the rust-resistant aluminized steel cooktop and stainless steel burners ensure durability.

With the push-button Instastart ignition, you can light the stove without the need for matches. The three adjustable burners allow for versatile cooking options.

Product Specs:

  • Name: Coleman Cascade 328 Camping Stove—3 Burner Camping Stove
  • Portable with built-in carry handle
  • Even-Temp burners for equal heat distribution
  • Two wind guards for protection against wind
  • Easy to clean with a removable chrome-plated grate
  • Rust-resistant aluminized steel cooktop and stainless steel burners
  • Push-button Instastart ignition for matchless lighting
  • Three adjustable burners


  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Even heat distribution for efficient cooking
  • Wind guards protect against gusty winds
  • Easy to clean with a removable grate
  • Durable construction with rust-resistant materials
  • Matchless lighting with push-button ignition
  • Versatile cooking options with three adjustable burners


  • Difficulty in finding a suitable storage case
  • The previous model had issues with turning down the temperature
  • Some difficulty in controlling the flame on low


Kovea Slim Twin

portable dual burner camping stove

The Kovea Slim Twin is a standout choice for the best camping stoves of 2024 due to its lightweight design, versatile fuel compatibility, and exceptional simmering controls.

This two-burner camp stove is designed to be low profile and easy to transport, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who value freedom and mobility.

The Kovea Slim Twin is the only multi-fuel stove on the market, compatible with Iso-butane, Butane, and Propane. With its automatic ignition and one-touch Piezo system, starting a fire is quick and effortless.

The stove also features good simmering controls, allowing users to cook precisely, similar to using a stove from home. With its detachable lid and convenient hand carry, the Kovea Slim Twin is a versatile and practical choice for camping adventures.

Product Specs:

  • Ignition Type: Automatic (One-touch Piezo)
  • Compatible Fuel Type: Iso-Butane, Butane & Propane
  • Cartridge Type: Screw Type Gas Canister
  • Iso-Butane Consumption: 230g/h (2,721kcal / 10,797BTU / 3.22kW)
  • Propane Consumption: 316g/h (3.738kcal / 14,842BTU / 4.34kW)
  • Package Dimensions: 9.45 x 8.27 x 6.3 inches
  • Package Weight: 7 Kilograms


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Versatile fuel compatibility
  • Exceptional simmering controls
  • Automatic ignition for quick and effortless fire-starting
  • Detachable lid for use with larger pots


  • Limited customer reviews are available
  • Higher price compared to some other camping stoves on the market
  • It may require additional adapters for certain types of canisters


Hike Crew 2-in-1 Gas Camping Stove

versatile gas camping stove

The Hike Crew 2-in-1 Gas Camping Stove stands out as one of the best camping stoves of 2024 due to its versatile features and durable construction. This portable propane grill/stove burner is designed to provide a powerful cooking experience in the great outdoors.

With a 10,000 BTU single burner cooktop and a 3,000 BTU grill, you can quickly cook anything from pots and pans to delicious grilled meals. The stove features a spacious burner for pots and pans up to 10′ and a versatile ceramic griddle surface for all your cooking needs.

The stove lid can be converted from a cover to a windshield, making it perfect for cooking in windy conditions. The stove is lightweight, portable, and compact, making it easy to carry and store. Its rugged powder-coated steel construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

Product Specs:

  • Powerful propane-powered 2-in-1 grill
  • 10,000 BTU single burner cooktop
  • 3,000 BTU griddle
  • Spacious burner for pots and pans up to 10′
  • Versatile ceramic griddle surface
  • The lid converts from cover to windshield
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rugged powder-coated steel construction
  • Product dimensions: 23.6L x 12.6W x 3.9H
  • Item weight: 12.87 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Hike Crew
  • ASIN: B08JWVG15J
  • Best Sellers Rank: #45,355 in Sports & Outdoors
  • Date First Available: September 23, 2020


  • Versatile cooking options with a burner and griddle
  • Lightweight and compact for easy portability
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • The lid converts to a windshield for cooking in windy conditions
  • Spacious burner for pots and pans


  • Some users experienced issues with the gas dial functionality
  • Folding legs may have durability concerns
  • Mixed experience with cooking eggs on the grill


Eureka SPRK+ Camp Stove

innovative portable camp stove

The Eureka SPRK+ Camp Stove stands out as one of the top camping stoves of 2024 due to its exceptional features and performance. This compact, easy-to-use stove offers high-precision simmer control and a powerful 11,500 BTU burner, making it perfect for cooking camping meals. It has an integrated fuel compartment and a carry case, making it convenient and inconspicuous to transport. The stove also features auto-ignition and built-in wind protection, ensuring a hassle-free cooking experience even in challenging weather conditions. With its ability to accommodate up to an 11′ pot or pan, the Eureka SPRK+ Camp Stove provides ample cooking space.

Product Specs:

  • Size: 15.3′ L x 13′ W x 3.6′ H
  • Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • Fuel Type: Butane
  • Burn Time: 60 minutes
  • Compatibility: Eureka! Griddle accessory


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • It comes with a carry case for convenient transportation
  • Auto-ignition and built-in wind protection
  • Accommodates up to an 11′ pot or pan


  • Availability of butane fuel in some areas
  • Durability issues with the storage case
  • Reports of cracked or damaged carrying cases upon arrival


Camp Chef Explorer 14

portable outdoor cooking stove

Camp Chef Explorer 14 stands out as one of the best camping stoves 2024 due to its exceptional features and performance. This versatile cooking stove is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who value freedom and convenience.

With two 30,000 BTU cast-aluminum burners and fully adjustable heat-control dials, the Camp Chef Explorer 14 offers powerful and precise cooking capabilities. The three-sided windscreen protects from the elements, ensuring a reliable cooking experience.

The stove’s removable and adjustable legs allow easy storage and setup on uneven ground. It is compatible with a wide range of Camp Chef accessories, enhancing its versatility. Made with a durable and rugged design, this stove is built to last and is recommended for emergency preparedness.

Product Specs:

  • Cooking Dimensions: 14 x 32
  • Cooking Area: 448 sq. in.
  • Cooking Height: 29
  • Total Output: 60,000 BTU
  • Weight: 36 lbs.
  • Brand: Camp Chef
  • Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Material: Alloy Steel


  • Powerful and precise cooking capabilities
  • Three-sided windscreen for protection from the elements
  • Removable and adjustable legs for easy storage and setup on uneven ground
  • Compatibility with a wide range of Camp Chef accessories


  • Relatively heavy compared to other camping stoves
  • Requires a bulk propane tank for operation
  • It may be too large for backpacking trips.


Primus Kinjia

camping stove with two burners

The Primus Kinjia stands out as an exceptional camping stove in 2024, offering compact, lightweight, and portable cooking capabilities. This two-burner gas stove is designed to be easily transported, making it the perfect companion for outdoor adventures. With its ability to hold two large pots, the Kinjia can easily feed your extended camp family, providing an authentic cooking experience anywhere you go.

Product Specs:

  • Brand: Primus
  • Model: P-350142
  • Color: Multi
  • Material: Blend
  • Suggested Users: Unisex-adult
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Manufacturer: Brunton-Primus
  • Part Number: P-350142
  • Included Components: KINJIA
  • Size: One Size
  • Sport Type: Camping & Hiking


  • Compact and lightweight for easy transportation
  • It can hold two large pots, perfect for feeding a group
  • Provides an authentic cooking experience in outdoor settings


  • It may be too small for more extensive cooking needs
  • May require additional accessories for specific cooking methods
  • Higher price point compared to other camping stoves


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We have compared and analyzed the features of various camp stoves, including the best overall camping stoves, budget-friendly options, compact and lightweight models, and versatile grill and griddle options. Our research has focused on evaluating key aspects such as the number of burners, BTU output, boil time, fuel type, and weight. We have also considered the pros and cons of each camping stove to provide a comprehensive and unbiased assessment.

By incorporating keywords such as best camping stove, camp stove, portable stove, propane stove, and camping stoves, we ensure that our article is optimized for readers seeking reliable information on camping stoves. Our goal is to equip our audience with the knowledge to make informed decisions when choosing the perfect camping stove for their outdoor adventures.

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Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Best Camping Stove

When choosing the best camping stove, several essential factors must be considered.

First, you’ll want to decide on the fuel type, whether propane, butane, or multi-fuel.

Portability and weight are also crucial, as you’ll need a stove that is easy to transport and won’t weigh you down.

Cooking capacity and size are essential for accommodating your needs, while heat output and efficiency will determine how quickly and effectively the stove can cook your meals.

Lastly, your budget will play a role in determining which stove is the best fit for you.

Fuel Type Options

There are various fuel-type options when choosing the best camping stove.

One popular choice is propane, which is widely available and offers convenience and ease of use. Propane camping stoves, such as single burner ones, are known for their high heat output and quick boil times.

Another option is a low-pressure camp stove, which operates on a different fuel type, such as white gas or kerosene. These stoves are known for their reliability and ability to perform well in extreme conditions.

For those looking to support American-made products, there are also propane one-burner stoves proudly made in the USA.

Ultimately, the choice of fuel type depends on personal preference and specific camping requirements.

Portability and Weight

Considering the importance of portability and weight, campers should prioritize their selection of a camping stove. A compact and lightweight stove is essential for those who desire freedom and mobility while camping. Here are some top options to consider:

Camping StoveWeightMaterialFuel Type
Camp Chef Everest 2X12 lbs.Stainless SteelPropane
Coleman Cascade Classic Camp Stove11 lbs., 14.4 oz.Stainless SteelPropane
Kovea Slim Twin Propane Camp Stove4 lbs., 8 oz.Stainless SteelPropane
Coleman 3-in-1 Stove12 lbs., 3 oz.Stainless SteelPropane
Eureka SPRK+ Camp Stove4 lbs., 14.4 oz.Stainless SteelPropane

These options offer a range of features, from lightweight and compact designs to sturdy stainless steel construction. The Camp Chef Everest 2X and the Kovea Slim Twin Propane Camp Stove are excellent choices for those seeking a portable and efficient camping stove. Whether you’re a pop-up camper, a backpacker, or an overlander, these stoves provide the convenience and reliability you need for your outdoor adventures.

Cooking Capacity and Size

To make an informed decision on the best camping stove for your needs, it is essential to consider the cooking capacity and size of the stove. If you are a gourmet chef or planning to cook for a large group, a stove with multiple burners and a larger cooking capacity would be ideal.

The Camp Chef Everest 2X, with its two burners and 20,000-BTU per burner output, is an excellent option for those who need more cooking space.

For those looking for a compact and lightweight option, the Kovea Slim Twin Propane Camp Stove weighs only 4 lbs., eight oz., and still offers two burners with a 10,000-BTU output per burner.

If you prefer grilling or griddling, the Coleman 3-in-1 Stove is a versatile choice with powerful burners and an option for a grill or griddle.

Ultimately, the best camping stove for you will depend on your specific cooking needs and the available space in your van or camping setup.

Heat Output and Efficiency

Continuing the discussion on cooking capacity and size, evaluating camping stoves’ heat output and efficiency is essential when choosing the best option for outdoor cooking needs.

The heat output of a camping stove determines how quickly it can bring water to a boil or cook food. The best propane gas cooktop will have a high BTU (British Thermal Unit) output, which measures the amount of heat produced by the burner. Look for a burner propane stove with a BTU output that matches your cooking requirements.

Efficiency is also crucial, as it determines how well the stove utilizes fuel. A stove with good efficiency will maximize heat output while minimizing fuel consumption. Consider factors such as burner design and wind resistance to ensure optimal efficiency. The Coleman stove table can also enhance efficiency by providing a stable cooking surface.

Price Range and Budget

When evaluating camping stoves, it is important to consider the price range and budget to ensure you choose the best option for your outdoor cooking needs. Here is a table that provides a comparison of camping stoves based on their price range and budget:

Camping StovePrice Range
Camp Chef Everest 2XHigh
Coleman Cascade Classic Camp StoveLow
Kovea Slim Twin Propane Camp StoveMid
Coleman 3-in-1 StoveMid
Eureka SPRK+ Camp StoveLow

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Camping Stove Indoors?

Using a camping stove indoors is not recommended due to safety risks. Camping stoves produce carbon monoxide, which can be deadly in enclosed spaces. Using stoves in well-ventilated areas or opting for indoor-safe alternatives is crucial.

How Do I Clean and Maintain a Camping Stove?

To clean and maintain a camping stove, disconnect the fuel source and allow it to cool. Remove debris or food residue, and wipe down the surfaces with a mild detergent. Regularly check and replace worn-out parts, such as hoses or regulators, for optimal performance and safety.

What Safety Precautions Should I Take When Using a Camping Stove?

When using a camping stove, it is essential to take certain safety precautions. These include ensuring proper ventilation, keeping flammable materials away, using the stove on a stable surface, and being cautious with fuel storage and handling.

Can I Use a Camping Stove With Other Types of Fuel Besides Propane?

Yes, camping stoves can be used with other fuel besides propane. Some camping stoves are compatible with alternative fuel options such as butane, white gas, and wood. It is essential to check the manufacturer’s instructions for compatibility and proper usage.

Are Camping Stoves Suitable for High Altitude Camping?

Camping stoves are suitable for high-altitude camping, but certain factors must be considered. Altitude affects fuel combustion and boil times, so efficient burners and wind-resistant stoves are recommended for optimal performance at high altitudes.

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